Creating The Perfect Proposal Email

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Creating The Perfect Proposal Email

When proposing a product or service to a new client its important to show them how important your product or service is to them.

Include testimonials/reviews

One of the biggest factors on selling yourself as a company is showing your potential customers that you are a well respected and reliable company. Reviews and testimonials are a make or break factor for a lot of customers as more than half of buyers will look at company reviews before making a decision to buy. This will also do a great job of showing people the worth of your product or service by showing your prospects how it has helped others.

Show the value of your product or service

Show people how your product or service will benefit them as a person or business. Show them the main selling point of your product, and include information about things they can only get from your company.

Call them when you send the proposal

If you don’t call your prospects when sending your proposal you are missing out on a great opportunity to get immediate feedback and answer the questions they may have, and find out information that would otherwise kill your deal. ¬†You can gauge where your customers are at, and sell them while they read your proposal. You are much more likely to close the deal if you talk to them and go through the proposal with them.

Be memorable

Think of some of the most influential marketing strategies, pay attention to people and companies like Donald Trump. The reason that he does so well in the polls because he speaks boldly. You want to project a image of professionalism but you want to seem like you don’t take everything seriously.