How to become successful

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How to become successful

Twelve quick life changing tips to become successful

Change your mindset and change your life. Learn some of the secrets of serial entrepreneurs and bring out your inner greatness. Learn how to embody the personality of a successful entrepreneur and motivate yourself to be successful. 

What you say isn’t important. How you say it is.

Your ideas are only half as important as how you word them. Our language is a very sensitive tool, and our minds let our emotions get in the way of rational decisions and communicating efficiently. For example, lets say you have a disagreement with a friend on a plan. You can ask, “What is the plan?” or you can say “I’ve been waiting forever for you to get back to me, what are we doing I need to know?”. The first option will be a positive question, while the other may leave your friend feeling attacked and could affect your friendship in the long run.

You can change you situation if you change your view and mood.

Your situation is bad because you are reminiscing and thinking about everything you did wrong.  It’s a natural response. You have to wire your brain to think of the positives and make a joke out of the situation. Most of the bad situations we have in life are all a matter of perspective. We let them guide our lives outside the scope of the situation for years to come, and they alter our mood significantly. They make us make different decisions, decrease our mood and limit us from experiencing new opportunities.

You come first

Helping a friend is one story, but being a “people pleaser” is the best way to feel inferior and underappreciated. You cannot allow yourself to become someones emotional punching bag.  You cannot allow someone to guilt you into helping them out with a favor. You need to make informed decisions about what you allow yourself to do for other people and how it will affect you or your view of the other person.

Don’t care about people who don’t care about you.

You have to learn to compartmentalize the people in your life. People pleasers often have the problem of always putting people above themselves. You have to learn to weed people out of your life that are a negative influence on your goals and your well-being mentally and physically. If someone has a habit of destroying your mood, you have to cut them off. Your mood can determine every aspect of your success. Your personality is your largest asset in the business and personal world. I always refer to the saying; “treat people how you want to be treated, and if people don’t treat you the way you want to be treated just treat them the way they treat you.”

Keep negative people out of your life.

Negativity will prevent you from reaching your goals. One of the most important things to know with any of your goals is that you can do it, you just need a plan. Develop a step by step strategy, and push yourself towards another milestone every day. Quitters never win, and winners never quit.

Don’t stress over anything that doesn’t directly affect you.

You can’t give anyone the power to distract you from your main goals. If your goals or your quality of life will not be affected by the current stressor, you cant devote too much time to your problem.

Your happiness is more important than your bank account

Money is important to survive, but you need to devote your life to making yourself as happy as possible.

Anxiety is an important part of success

When you get anxious, it only means that your heart is in what you are doing. Worrying is a great tool to come up with alternate ideas, and approach problems in a different perspective. You just have to control your anxiety so you do not become excessively negative.

You can’t care about how others view you

I personally had been a “people pleaser” for years, I cared way too much about how others viewed me. The amount of time that I have wasted trying to sway someone opinion that is I was spending too much time assuming took up so much time that I could have been spending reaching my goals. To be happy in life, all you need to have is a small circle of people who believe and care about you, and you need to be happy with yourself and your plan.

Be proactive and research

Be active, research your goals and find the best way for you to exploit your opportunities. Knowledge is your greatest weapon.

Learn yourself

Learn about yourself. Learn your personal strengths and weaknesses. Learn your weaknesses in your work and professional life and you can learn how to conquer them and turn them into strengths. If you have a problem managing your time, make a calendar.

Don’t overwork yourself

Working hard is important to achieving your goals, but there is a fine line between working hard and hard working. When you overwork yourself, you will eventually burn out. Working steady is better than working hard.