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We're an advertising and web design agency in Boynton Beach

Why are websites so important to local and national businesses?

Your website is a reflection of your business and image is everything to an internet searcher. They don’t know about the quality of your products and your services. Sometimes all it takes is a great website to make a customer convert and give you a call.

New businesses in need a great website design the most

Almost all businesses can benefit from a great website and an advertising campaign. New businesses especially need to have an aggressive advertising campaign, and a beautiful website.  They are new to the area, and are starting to compete with more established businesses. The new business has to advertise to make their business either better, faster, or cheaper than the established competition to start becoming profitable. To really start to become successful you have to deliver your message to as many people as you can. That’s what Media Zoom takes care of.

What makes a great web design?

  1. We start with laying out a website that is built to convert a customer ready to make a purchasing decision. We load your website with the information Google wants to see. This helps you gain some traction on Google and put your website in front of more people looking for your products and services.
  2. Then, we build out your website the way your customers want to see it. This will help you gain more customers with your already existing website traffic, and in some cases can increase your conversion rate by up to 200% almost instantaneously.
  3. We normally recommend setting up a Google Pay-Per-Click Campaign to help bring in some extra business. Our advertising guru Chris Sangiorgio is a Google Certified AdWords Advertiser. Chris has taken tests with Google to become a Certified Google Partner. He makes effective advertising campaigns focused around targeting more of the right people, at the right time, in the right place, who are making purchasing decision and saving companies money and time on Ad Spend.

One of our prime examples of our marketing and web design in Assured Storm Protection. Assured Storm Protection is a Impact Window Installer and Hurricane Shutter Manufacturer. We have managed Assured’s Campaign for the last 2 years. We increased their conversion rate by over 200% by improving their website and their Google PPC Campaign. We set them up with a customized marketing automation campaign, where some sales representatives are boasting of getting up to 70% closing ratios on their deals and overall increased  Assured Storm Protections revenue by around 250%.

90% of people search for businesses online

How would you like to command up to 9 times more business then you are getting now? The web is becoming a massive source of information for consumers to find businesses to offer the products and services they are looking for and people are taking advantage of it. With such a high number of people searching the web for products and services, staying ahead of the competition in the digital realm with professional web design is one of the best ways to get and keep business.

Designing your website yourself doesn’t work

It is becoming increasingly important to stand out on the web to attract customers. Do it yourself tools won’t cut it when it comes to appearing professional on the web. If you hire a design agency to help you design a site, you will be more prepared to have a good looking website, but not as much on the side of marketing and getting your website attention from search engines like Google and Yahoo. But if you get your web design from a marketing company, you’re likely to have better luck with Google and Yahoo, but not the greatest looking website. But if you chose Media Zoom, you will have a marketing and design company all in one. We are a group of designers with several awards for art and design, as well as, some of us being certified with Google  to handle advertising your business.

Experienced Advertisers and Industry Standard Websites With a Little Extra

We are experienced with some of the newest technologies on the web. We offer fully operational voice assisted websites that work similar to the voice recognition software on smartphones. It is one of the best ways to maintain accessibility on your website. Our voice recognition websites are perfect for assisting the blind or visually impaired, or make it easier for the non-tech savvy visitors to find what they’re looking for on the web. Not to mention it’s a great selling point and differentiation from you and the competition

We are experienced advertisers and marketers, up to date with the newest design trends and the newest development best practices. Our web designs reflect years of web design and development expertise. We have packages and services to fit nearly any project scope and budget. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you. (561) 706-8846