Web Design and Marketing: Worst Advice We’ve Heard

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Web Design and Marketing: Worst Advice We’ve Heard

Ever heard ridiculous advertising advice given by a friend or another advertising or web design agency? We’ve been in the business of Marketing, Web Design, and Advertising for companies around the Boynton Beach area for over a decade, and with our experience we’ve heard a lot of myths and advice given to our South Florida customers that couldn’t be more wrong. We usually tell all of our clients to use their better judgement. If it sounds too good to be true, or seems too far off from what would be expected call us for our advice or don’t follow the advice because more often then not it will cause problems. But some of the most common pieces of bad advice we’ve heard from our Boynton Beach Customers are;

Online Advertising and Web Design is not worth it

Web design is one of the best investments you can make into your business in the digital age. 90% of all consumers will search the internet for products and services, only 10% of people are getting their products and services from word of mouth, print advertisements or any other medium of marketing or advertising. Web design is something you don’t want to have done on a Do It Yourself website design tool like WIX or webs.com, or using a amateur web designer. You want your web presence and web design to be strong, you want to stand out and look professional in comparison to your competition’s website to win deals, and the best way to do that is have your website professionally designed by someone who knows web design and does it as a profession to convert visitors into customers with a customized advertising and marketing strategy.

Flyers are the best way to market your business

Flyers are a great way to earn retainer customers and repeat customers but they are an awful way of gaining customers initially. The estimated return rate of a print advertisement is 0.5% meaning 1 in every 200 customers you hand a flyer to will actually come to your place of business and order something from you. Compared to other methods of advertising such as pay-per click or web design where one customer in every 4 will end up ordering from you. Flyers work great for people who have already bought from you in the past as they offer incentive for your previous customers to come again and purchase from your business, they are not made to gain new customers like a professional web design or pay per click advertising campaign.

Pay-Per Click is a waste of money

It’s no secret that pay-per click can get pricey but as well, its no secret that pay-per click is one of the most effective methods of advertising there is. The quality of leads from pay-per click are usually very high. The return rate of pay per-click is 25% on a website with great web design, meaning one in four people who click on your ad and visit your website will end up buying from you. That is because people who are clicking on your advertisements on pay per click are already interested in the products and services you are offering. Making the sale much easier and making the waste cost much less.

Black and White Prints Save Money

Black and white prints are much cheaper than color, but when comparing the return rate on color prints to black and white prints, the difference in return is also very significant as well. On average you will get 2 times more calls from a color flyer than a black an white flyer. Our speculation on this is that as a rule of thumb you have 3 seconds to catch a readers attention before they get bored and read or do something more interesting, colorful flyers help attract their attention and get them to want to read more. This results in a better chance of selling your potential client on your products or services. So in our opinion it is much better to invest in a color flyer then a black and white.