5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Web Design

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5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Web Design

One of the best ways to help you pinpoint a great strategy for your web presence is looking at people you’re competing with. We’re not talking about looking for someone your close to competing with either. We want you to look at the websites of the people in your industry who are dominating, the people with the best products or the most business. They’re the ones that you need to emulate when you’re thinking of creating a new website. They have the best practices in mind and learned what works and what doesn’t.


You can take note of the main colors used in their website. Most likely these colors have a positive effect on the potential customers emotions. Colors such as blue convey trustworthiness, colors such as orange and yellow attract attention and give a slightly happy feel. You have to figure out which color will best match with your company and stick with them for your website.


You can take from the layout of their page. Most companies place their most demanded and clicked on elements, services, and more on the top portion of their page. You can take note of the organization of elements on their website and apply it to your own.

Calls to Action

One of the most important aspects of a business’s website is their calls to action. The call to action is what gets customers to pick up their phone and call the business, and makes them think they need your services. Its what leads to making a visitor into a customer. It could be as simple as a phrase such as “Call us today for a free quote” to “Get in touch with us” either way, its important to get your call to action right to get more business.


Use your competitors verbiage to your advantage, find out what the most catching and engaging parts of content are about and integrate it into your site. If you can bring the best from your 3 of your competitors into one website, you’re sure to have a home run site.


Pictures illustrate your point and they’re going to pose as the first impression of your business. Considering how you only have 5 seconds to really capture your visitors attention its important to get your pictures right. Pictures are the first thing your customers are going to notice when visiting your site.