Lead Regeneration

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Lead Regeneration

Media Zoom Design now offers lead regeneration. The concept is simple, many companies collect leads over time that may not call you back or reply to your emails. You eventually mark those leads as dead and stop chasing after them. This is an important part of prioritising your time towards projects that have a higher chance of resulting in a sale and is very common.

But you may be missing out on some of the cheapest ways of gaining business (people you already reached out to!)

How can you recover dead leads?

Media Zoom works with you to develop a solid plan on recapturing your dead leads attention by using a wide range of different marketing campaigns. We develop a custom made strategy designed around retargeting those customers and making them sales qualified again. Depending on the particular company’s needs pricing can be negotiated per lead recovered, or by the month.  Usually we quote using a combination of the two.

We learn about your company and your leads

Our approach involves meeting with you to discuss your products and services. We identify your selling points and brainstorm how to develop an intelligent and effective retargeting campaign based heavily in creating great email templates that are built to convert, spark interest in your products and services, and also gather information about your dead leads.

This is still a fairly new service and we cannot talk in detail about our strategies on how we return business this way, but we have case studies from clients showing results as high as a 30% close rate on dead leads.

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