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Email Marketing

Media Zoom Design can set you up with a Email Marketing strategy designed to attract new customers and revive old leads. We create professional HTML email templates for your company that will project a professional image for your company with optional CRM setup. With tools such as HubSpot CRM, we can automate your followup and email marketing strategies. We’ll help you at every step of the way of turning a prospect into a customer, and a customer into a review. With custom templates for Captured Prospects, to Meeting Scheduling, to Proposals, to Update Emails, and Thank You Emails, we have you covered every step of the way.

The Importance of Good Email Marketing

Good email marketing is a great asset for your sales pipeline. A professional email template sets you aside from your competition. Including important selling points in your email with your message will help you close your customers. Having a great marketing strategy built-in to your emails will help you save time, you wont have to write a new email every time you get in contact with one of your prospects or customers, it will automatically fill in the customer’s information to a pre-built email template.

Email marketing will also help you capture ciustomers who fell through the cracks. With a solid email marketing campaign, you can touch base with people who haven’t given you a call back or an email back yet. You can send people who couldnt afford the service or product emails regularly to revive the deal when they come into the budget they need.

Email Templates you may need

Thank you for considering us, ____…

This email is very important to confirm contact information and share your contact information with the potential client. This is one of the best oppertunities you have in the email campaign to impress your potential customer. Its important to include a lot of your selling points in this email to get their attention.

Lets schedule a meeting, ____…

This email template is super important to start to sell your client. Making it easy for them to schedule an appointment with you is extremely important, so this email needs plenty of information on products and services they are interested in.

We have a proposal, ____…

This email marketing template must be rock-solid as it is what has the possibility¬†change your prospect into a customer. ¬†Its important to include things such as testimonials, product and service information, a breakdown of what you’ll be doing for them. This email is best done in conjunction with a phone call.

Thank you for your business, ____…

Show your customers some love, and give them the breakdown of what you’ll be providing for them. Give them the information they need to know, and tell them what you need to know to get started.

We can’t get in touch with you, _____…

When you can’t get in touch with a client or prospect for a certain amount of time, this email is great to let them know that you have taken them off your radar. This email helps prompt a response from a non-responsive customer.