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the detox center website design

The Detox Center Website Design

We designed and developed the landing page for The Detox Center. We are currently working on a complete website which should release in the coming months. The new website design is packed with effective calls to action and friendly lead forms that generate more leads.

The website is designed bottom to top to give a sterile look with luxurious undertones.


ed carey design website design

Ed Carey Design – Web Design

Ed Carey Design has been designing Themed Interiors, Restaurant and Bar Atmospheres for over 30 years. They are masters of their craft and have done great work for companies like; Disney, Universal Studios, The White House, Joe’s Crab Shack, Marriott, and Hurricane Bar & Grill.

We created a custom website from scratch. Built to showcase their beautiful work and the all american ingenuity they provide to their customers. The website is built to be easy to use, navigate, and edit. The Ed Carey Design Team can quickly make edits or additions to their website in the time it takes them to write a Word Document.

You can check out their website at

We had a lot of fun working with Ed Carey Design. Let us help you create a beautiful website for your business. Give us a call at (561) 706-8846 and get a Free Advertising Consultation.

ed carey website design boynton beach

Ed Carey Design – Web Design – Boynton Beach, Florida

Media Zoom loves working with local companies in Boynton Beach like Ed Carey Design. Not to mention they do some great work! They are builders and fabricators who make some great signage and props. Ed Carey does all of the visualization work and design for storefronts like Hurricane Bar and Grille, attractions and restaurants in Disney and Universal Studios, and much more. They wanted to update their website to reflect some new changes, as well as give it a more modern face-lift. We are in the initial stages of website development, and the web designs have been finalized and can be viewed here.

boynton bath enclosures website design

Boynton Bath Enclosures – Website Design

Boynton Bath Enclosures came to us wanting to improve their online presence and get a standard website design with a basic SEO upgrade. We got them to the top of google for boynton bath enclosures, and we have them on first page ranking for bath enclosures in Boynton.

nakava menu design boca raton

Nakava: Menu Design

Nakava in Boca Raton has been growing. As the first Kava Bar in North America they needed a great menu to showcase their products. That’s where Media Zoom came in.nakava front menu design boca raton

nakava front menu design boca


nakava bar website boca raton

Nakava: Web Design Boca Raton

nakava bar website boca ratonWe created a new web  presence for the Boca Raton based kava and kratom bar. Nakavas main concern was having a place for people to learn about who they are, and what they serve. Nakava is  the first kava bar in North America. You can view their website over at

Nakava is a South Florida local kava bar. They have a very family feel, everyone in the bar is very friendly and caring. They serve Kratom and Kava drinks as well as some botanicals. They are a great alternative to alcohol, and its just a great place to come by and relax.


brain blast

Brain Blast | Product Label

We completed a branding project for a product called Brain Blast. Brain Blast improves cognitive function and acts as an energy supplement.
It was developed by Ethan C. and Zach M.. in Boca Raton. And they wanted a solid design that will communicate the function of the product visibly. Which was achieved by using a vector of a brain with lightning charging it, and lightning in the background. With the back of the ring being overlayed with a question mark texture. There are a few hidden question marks throughout the label. They wanted a playful font similar to those of comic books, and very striking color choices. Although we have made their logo colors easily changeable.

If you ever find yourself in Boca Raton, come visit these guys at the Nakava bar down near NW 20 in Boca Raton. Great drinks and great service at an affordable price.

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