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How to become successful

Twelve quick life changing tips to become successful

Change your mindset and change your life. Learn some of the secrets of serial entrepreneurs and bring out your inner greatness. Learn how to embody the personality of a successful entrepreneur and motivate yourself to be successful.  (more…)

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Why WordPress Web Design is the best option for your business

WordPress web design is becoming increasingly more popular not just among hobbyist and professional bloggers, but also in the world of business. WordPress is a content management system built around blogging. WordPress makes it extremely easy to add and edit any content on your website, it only takes a 30 minute training session to know how to manage your websites content, images, and menus. This tool is great for anyone with minimal experience with the web and setting up websites. Businesses who change their website or add content often will benefit from having a WordPress Website Design. (more…)

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5 Web Design Tricks That Make Your Website Instantly Marketable

1 ] Make your web design get their attention

So the statistics say you have around 5 seconds to grab their attention on the web before they look elsewhere to find things more interesting or get the information they need. So you need to capture their attention fast, if you’re in a competitive business area like Boca Raton, or Delray Beach. We recommend breaking things into categories, and making the most popular products/services/links on the top of the page so it is easy for people to access and find what they need. (more…)

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5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Web Design

One of the best ways to help you pinpoint a great strategy for your web presence is looking at people you’re competing with. We’re not talking about looking for someone your close to competing with either. We want you to look at the websites of the people in your industry who are dominating, the people with the best products or the most business. They’re the ones that you need to emulate when you’re thinking of creating a new website. They have the best practices in mind and learned what works and what doesn’t.


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Creating The Perfect Proposal Email

When proposing a product or service to a new client its important to show them how important your product or service is to them.

Include testimonials/reviews

One of the biggest factors on selling yourself as a company is showing your potential customers that you are a well respected and reliable company. Reviews and testimonials are a make or break factor for a lot of customers as more than half of buyers will look at company reviews before making a decision to buy. This will also do a great job of showing people the worth of your product or service by showing your prospects how it has helped others.


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Web Design in Boca Raton

Being in one of largest areas for business in Palm Beach County makes it even more important to have a great web presence. Boca Raton is a center for business in South Florida. We have done a lot of work in areas very close to Boca Raton such as Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. (more…)

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Media Zoom now offering voice assisted websites!

Media Zoom Design has taken a step ahead with the design and development of web technology by unveiling its new voice assisted website on Assured Storm Protections new website. Voice activated websites allow the user to talk to the website to get information and takes a step towards making websites truly interactive. This is one of the first steps in voice recognition technology on the web, and it is a perfect way to stand out from your competition.

Here at Media Zoom Design, we love being able to offer revolutionary tools to help millions of disabled people find what they need from the internet more efficiently. We love being at the forefront of this new technology, and designing great websites for our clients.

Available in other languages for localization.

We can help you make your website ready to hit the national scale, by helping you include other languages in your voice activated system. People can speak to your website in languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese and more.

Offers great support and is the perfect website for visually-impaired and blind people.

Imagine a website where the visually impaired can just talk to a website and get the information they need by just talking to it? Millions of blind and visually impaired are forced to read through multiple entire pages before they get the information they want. With voice assisted websites, we are able to listen to the user and direct the information to them and filter out the unnecessary. This is the first true step to our master plan of making every site on the internet voice support.

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What Will The Web Be Like In 100 Years?

The web has changed significantly from what it used to be during its initial release, it was almost impossible to predict how large its become.  Websites have taken a giant leap in technical advancements even in comparison from where it was 10 years ago. We can expect huge advancements in; speed, functionality, user friendliness, and quality and quantity of information,

The web will definitely get faster, as it always has. We can expect a speed increase of around double the speed every 5 to 10 years. Meaning the internet should be around 512 to 1024 times the speed that the internet is now. Websites in the future will be much more user friendly and intuitive then they are now. We can expect features such as; voice searching on websites, computerized website representatives, where you can ask questions on the website that will be responded to immediately. The internet will expand to become 100 to 1,000 times larger.

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5 Signs You Should Invest In Marketing

Need help Marketing your business? Wondering how to get more business with less cost on advertising? One of the best ways to market in this day and age is on the web. 90% of all goods and services are now found by consumers on the internet. In this article, we’ll go over a few of the tell-tale signs that you need to put more attention to your business’s marketing plan. (more…)

advertising and web design what not to do

Web Design and Marketing: Worst Advice We’ve Heard

Ever heard ridiculous advertising advice given by a friend or another advertising or web design agency? We’ve been in the business of Marketing, Web Design, and Advertising for companies around the Boynton Beach area for over a decade, and with our experience we’ve heard a lot of myths and advice given to our South Florida customers that couldn’t be more wrong. We usually tell all of our clients to use their better judgement. If it sounds too good to be true, or seems too far off from what would be expected call us for our advice or don’t follow the advice because more often then not it will cause problems. But some of the most common pieces of bad advice we’ve heard from our Boynton Beach Customers are; (more…)

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