Three reasons to not take the DIY approach with advertising

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Three reasons to not take the DIY approach with advertising

The do it yourself approach isn’t really effective for advertising. When creating advertising material, you want to have a professional opinion.  You need someone with marketing and sales experience as well as design experience. You want your advertisements to portray a positive message about your company and your product and you want to get your customers to act on a call to action. Here are a few reasons why you may not be getting the best results without a professional marketing expert.

1. Not Eye Catching

One of the major reasons why do-it-yourself advertising plans wont work is due to the fact that your marketing material is not designed to catch the viewers attention. If we’re not attracting a customer to want to look at a piece of advertising material, then were not effectively communicating the desired message to the viewer, which renders your advertising material useless.

2.  Cluttered Design

Nothing will be more confusing to someone looking at your advertising then, well, not knowing where to look. If your design has a lot of different contrasting colors, or colors that don’t make sense, there wont be a focal point on the advertisment for people to skim through. In the world of advertising you have around 3 seconds to impress the viewer or give them a message that wants them to read on. If layout is very cluttered and no message is really popping out to your viewer. Then the message wont be communicated.

3. Call to action is not effective

Your call to action is the butter to the bread in advertising. Most companies that do their own marketing and advertising look over this very important fact. If you are not giving the viewers of your advertisements a reason to buy your product or service, they wont. We focus on making your call to action very strong, by giving them a deal, or telling them something they want to hear.